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3 – 2 – 1 – 0 . Introducing the new logos of Minini product range.

We felt that it was time to share our growth path also through our image with a new logo. 

We wanted to create a cohesive and professional brand identity for our product range, therefore we had custom lettering designed by skilled and creative hands. The new graphics highlight the smoothness of curved lines in a harmonic combination with the product type and the red colour of Minini. Circles appear in several elements, a clear reference to nonwoven rolls. The first part of the logo, NEX, is the root of the word highlighted in red and underlines our willingness to look at the future of cleaning and sanitizing methods. Fluid like our adaptability in assisting our customers in the fulfilment of their needs and facilitating everyday operations. On the other hand, the second part of the logo, WOVEN, clearly embodies our core business: NONWOVEN WIPES. The red colour that indentifies Minini remains unchanged, pointing out our strength and determination!

New logos for our product lines while keeping unchanged the high quality of our range.

We deliver our best.

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BACK FROM MEDICA 2023 - Düsseldorf

Great Success for Minini at Medica23

Thank you for this unforgettable event! 

With great enthusiasm, we would like to thank all participants who helped us take a step forward in improving sanitization and general health.
Your attendance and interest have contributed to days of profitable exchange of ideas and opportunities.
A great chance to highlight our complete range of Tissue and Nonwoven Products.


Keep following us for future events and initiatives!

For more details.

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MEDICA 2023 - Düsseldorf 13-16 November 2023

We are pleased to announce our participation in MEDICA 2023, Düsseldorf (Germany).

We are glad to invite you to visit our stand MININI SRL, Hall 5 /J19.

At our booth, you will find our wide range of Tissue and Nonwoven products for the medical industry.

Further information on MEDICA 2023, the programme and all the news are available here.

We look forward to your visit!

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DERMAWIPES: Take care of your loved ones.

It makes personal hygiene easier, even without water.

The condition of limited mobility, whether permanent or only momentary due to illness or accident, makes simple gestures such as personal hygiene difficult and it needs of assistance.

For bedridden, long-term long term nursing patients, people with disabilities and generally less mobile, DERMAWIPES are pre-impregnated nonwoven wipes dedicated to personal care and home care, specifically designed for water-free hygiene and in all those cases where it is not possible to go to the bathroom alone. Developed for the professional sector, they are ideal in health care facilities, such as rest homes, but also for home care.

Quick and easy, always ready, just take the single wipe and proceed to clean. Immediately, there will be a soft, pleasant contact and at the same time durable, with high yield. Disposable and dermatologically tested also for sensitive skin, ideal for the daily body hygiene of adults and children. The detergent creates a soft foam which allows a delicate and discreet cleansing without rinse, leaving a pleasant fragrance. The formula, enriched with Aloe, Chamomile makes skin hydrated and soft. The special nonwoven wipe structure amplifies the foam effect giving an extension pleasant feeling.

Use it and at the end, the smile of the person will be the greatest result.

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Nexwoven® sanitization system in 4 nonwoven wipes products for different applications

Think about your needs and choose the 4 different nonwoven wipes products of the Nexwoven® range.

Nexwoven® is a complete nonwoven wipes system for sanitizing and cleaning healthcare environments and all those professional places where sanitization is a fundamental element for the operators and patients’ health.

4 different nonwoven wipes folded in V roll, usable with practical dispenser in antibacterial material.

To meet the most different needs of cleaning, hygiene and sanitization.

We thought about the most specific and accurate professional applications.

Ideal for the SANITIZATION.

SANIFIX thanks to its peculiar web structure, retains the liquid for disinfection without absorbing it and then, releases and spreads it in an uniform way on a surface.

Ideal for CLEANING.

FASTCLEAN joins a particular absorbance and a huge compatibility with detergents, cleaning and polishing products, they are progressively released on surfaces ensuring the best result.

More structured and sturdy for the MOST DIFFICULT CLEANING situations.

INTENSIVECLEAN ultra-absorbent and compatible with detergents, cleaning and polishing products, it is exceptionally resistant to remove the most persistent dirt.


DUSTPROOF is a dry wipe which catches and holds dust simply by sliding on a surface. Thanks to its particular size, it is compatible with the tools for professional sweeping, but it can be also used for normal dusting.

Contact us for more info!


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QUALITY is a key factor in which we invest daily to offer our customers the highest standards.

We stand for high-quality products and invest in high-quality processes. These are the pillars on which every stage of our production is based, from the choice of materials through process development to ensuring the best finished products to meet our customers’ needs and even exceed them by going further!

We are extremely proud of having received the renewed ISO 90001 certification, an accomplishment that has been bringing added value to our production for 12 years as a result of our daily diligence and effectiveness in all business processes.

Minini is a reliable partner with great expertise in nonwoven and tissue products, which also attaches great importance to continuous research.

ISO 9001:2015

An important accomplishment that ensures excellence to all our customers.

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ABRANEX, wipes for industries. Bringing Order and Cleanliness to Your Workplaces.

When words turn into benefits. Clean, tidy and well-organised workplaces involve small and big changes that have a significant impact on operating costs, waste minimization and better comfort for workers.

Our industrial wipes for cleaning hands, equipment and surfaces in industrial environments provide valuable help for personnel in the daily working routine.

Always ready to hand. Workers can clean equipment and surfaces with a single gesture. As a result, downtime is shortened and employees can perform their tasks with greater comfort.

Dirt and spilled liquids are easily removed. Every unforeseen incident is handled without wasting time and, above all, without stress for workers.

With our industrial wipes for cleaning hands, equipment and surfaces in industrial environments, we help you optimize cleaning operations in workplaces.

ABRANEX is the cleaning wipe you can't do without. You can always keep it within reach thanks to the practical centrefeed dispenser, in which one wipe pulls up the next, but without waste!

Our multipurpose abrasive wipe is perfect for cleaning hands, surfaces and work equipment in workshops and production sites.

  • Its mechanical action enables the removal of stubborn dirt and oily substances (grease, oil, tar, glue, soot, varnish and paint)
  • Resistant
  • Perfumed
  • Dermatologically tested
  • High cleaning and degreasing power
  • No rinsing required
  • No residue left

Learn more on www.minini.eu/en/catalogue.html

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Minini at MEDICA 2022, Düsseldorf 14 - 17 November 2022: a Huge Success of Our Team!

A big THANK YOU to all of you!

New contacts and long-term relationships rounded off our participation in the trade fair Medica 2022. A great opportunity for the international medical industry and a good occasion for meeting.

Looking back at the days spent at the trade fair, we can definitely state that it was a huge SUCCESS! Thank you for contributing to this result.

The Minini exhibition stand (Hall 5/J19) was outstanding. With attention to detail and professionalism, we presented the enormous potential and wide range of applications of our nonwoven and tissue products for the medical industry. From ideas to solutions to meet the daily operational needs with regard to surface cleaning/sanitisation and personal care.

That is the positive attitude, with which we welcome our customers and find solutions that fulfil specific demands. Our engagement goes far beyond Medica 22. We do our best day after day and continuously search for new products, new applications and new possibilities for customization.

Our sales staff is available for any information, looking forward to welcoming you again next year.

Your Minini Team

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The Nexwoven System - Dispenser with Active Antibacterial Protection

The dispenser is now made of antibacterial plastic because we want to ensure the highest safety standards in sanitisation. Discover all the benefits and the solution to prevent cross-contamination.

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Nexwoven: Sanitisation Made Easy and Safe With Our Nonwoven Wipes as Rolls in a Practical Dispenser.

Nexwoven is a complete system for the cleaning and disinfection requirements of healthcare facilities and workplaces where sanitisation plays an essential role for the health of both professionals and patients. For surfaces and floors. Dry or impregnated. Disposable.

An interaction of two components:

Highly efficient and resistant nonwoven wipes as rolls with different textures and grammages


Practical dispenser made from an antibacterial material, for easy wipe dispensing



If you want to be fast in performing sanitisation tasks in the healthcare sector and reach the highest hygienic standards, Nexwoven is a new range of disposable wipes for impregnation, designed for a professional use. Folded wipes absorb the sanitiser fast and evenly, therefore they are quickly ready to use.

In addition to conveniently dispensing the impregnated wipes, this solution also ensures product functionality for longer. Thanks to their special texture, wipes retain the sanitiser without absorbing it and release it evenly.

Our Nexwoven line includes four different products to meet a wide range of cleaning and hygiene requirements in the healthcare sector.

The advantages you are looking for in terms of disinfection and cleaning:

> Hygiene: the nonwoven wipes are enclosed as rolls in a practical dispenser made from antibacterial material.

> Ease of use: the product is ready to use every time you need it. To impregnate the wipes, simply pour the sanitiser directly onto the roll, thus obtaining a tailor-made solution.

> Individual labels: individual labels allow to identify both content and expiry date.

> Colour coding: the use of colour coding for caps allows for product identification.

> Safe and traceable: the wipe roll is protected against cross-contamination in a special dispenser. Labels have been conceived to ensure proper identification of content and characteristics.

> Cost minimization: cost reduction in usage.

> Dispenser: safe thanks to the antibacterial protection that acts before, during and after each use to prevent cross-contamination. High quality: strong and resistant material. Reusable and recyclable: less plastic waste and biocidal chemicals.

> It fits different needs: various textures, sizes and grammages, resulting in a tailor-made solution.

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